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Back of Beyond
Author: Lawson, Sylvia
Stock: 0 $16.99 GST included
Author: Frost, Andrew
Stock: 0 $16.99 GST included
Deleuze on Cinema
Author: Bogue, Ronald
Stock: 1 $61.99 GST included
Experimental Cinema, the Film Reader
Author: Winston-Dixon, Wheeler
Stock: 1 $63.99 GST included
Hollywood Comedians, the Film Reader
Author: Krutnik, Frank
Stock: 0 $58.99 GST included
Author: Mills, Jane
Stock: 0 $16.99 GST included
Only Entertainment
Author: Dyer, Richard
Stock: 1 $54.99 GST included
Performance Studies
Author: Striff, Erin
Stock: 1 $69.95 GST included
Spanish National Cinema
Author: Triana-Toribio, Nuria
Stock: 1 $50.99 GST included
Unusual Suspects: 104 Films That Made World Cinema
Stock: 0 $49.99 GST included
Withnail and I
Author: Jackson, Kevin
Stock: 1 $28.95 GST included