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Rainbow of Desire (The Boal Method of Theatre and Therapy)

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Title: Rainbow of Desire (The Boal Method of Theatre and Therapy)
Author: Boal, Augusto
Price: $75.99

Rainbow of Desire is a handbook of exercises with a difference. It is Augusto Boal's bold and brilliant statement about the therapeutic ability of theatre to liberate individuals and change lives. Now translated into English and comprehensively updated from the French, Rainbow of Desire sets out the techniques which help us see' for the first time the oppressions we have internalised. Boal, a Brazilian theatre director, writer and politician, has been confronting oppression in various forms for over thirty years. His belief that theatre is a means to create the future has inspired hundreds of groups all over the world to use his techniques in a multitude of settings. This, his latest work, includes such exercises as: * The Cops in the Head and their anti-bodies * The screen image * The image of the future we are afraid of * Image and counter-image ...and many more. Rainbow of Desire will make fascinating reading for those already familiar with Boal's work and is also completely accessible to anyone new to Theatre of the Oppressed techniques.

Contents: Translator's introduction Why this book? My three theatrical encounters Part I: The Theory Theatre the first human invention Human beings, a passion and a platform: the 'aesthetic space' The three hypotheses of 'the Cop in the Head' Experiences in two psychiatric hospitals Preliminaties to the utilisation of the techniques of the Rainbow of Desire Part II: The practice The prospective techniques 1. The image of the images 2. The image of the word 3. Image and counter-image 4. The kaleidoscopic image 6. The projected image 7. The image of the hour 8. The ritual gesture 9. Rituals and masks 10. The multiple image of oppression 11. Multiple images of happiness 12. The rotating image 13. The image of transition 14. The image of the group 15. Rashomon The introspective techniques 1. The image of the antagonist 2. The analytical image 3. The circuit of rituals and masks 4. The image of chaos 5. The image of 'Cops in the Head' and their antibodies 6. The image of the 'Cops in the Heads' of the spectators 7. The image of the rainbow of desire 8. The screen image 9. Contradictory images of the same people in the same story Part III: Extraversion techniques 1. Improvisations 2. Games 3. Shows Postscript: The techniques and ourselves: an experiment in India

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Publication date: 15/12/1994
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780415103497
Publishing status: AU In-stock Distributor
Rainbow of Desire (The Boal Method of Theatre and Therapy)