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A Sense of Direction (Some Observations on the Art of Directing)
Stock: 1 $30.95 GST included
American Set Design
Author: Aronson, Arnold P.
Stock: 1 $45.00 GST included
And Then, You Act - Making Art in an Unpredictable World
Stock: 0 $68.99 GST included
Applied Theatre Reader
Author: Preston, Sheila and Prentki, Tim (Editors)
Stock: 0 $63.99 GST included
Augusto Boal
Author: Babbage, Frances
Stock: 0 $41.99 GST included
Collected Columns
Author: Frayn, Michael
Stock: 1 $24.95 GST included
Complete Critical Guide to Samuel Beckett
Stock: 0 $33.99 GST included
Devising Theatre (A Practical and Theoretical Handbook)
Stock: 0 $62.99 GST included
Director's Craft (A Handbook for the Theatre)
Stock: 0 $56.99 GST included
Dramatic Adventures in Rhetoric: A Guide for Actors, Directors and Playwrights
Stock: 1 $49.99 GST included
Dramaturgy and Dramatic Character: A Long View
Stock: 1 $123.95 GST included