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Acting - The First Six Lessons (Documents from the American Laboratory Theatre)
Stock: 1 $52.99 GST included
An Actor's Work
Author: Stanislavski, Konstantin
Stock: 1 $52.99 GST included
Applied Theatre Reader
Author: Preston, Sheila and Prentki, Tim (Editors)
Stock: 0 $63.99 GST included
Augusto Boal
Author: Babbage, Frances
Stock: 0 $41.99 GST included
Brecht in Practice
Author: Barnett, David
Stock: 1 $35.00 GST included
Experimental Theatre from Stanislavsky to Peter Brook
Stock: 0 $60.99 GST included
Laban for Actors and Dancers
Author: Newlove, Jean
Stock: 0 $25.99 GST included
Laban for All
Author: Newlove, Jean and Dalby, John
Stock: 0 $34.99 GST included
Legislative Theatre - Using Performance to Make Politics
Stock: 1 $63.99 GST included
Performing Brecht
Author: Eddershaw, Margaret
Stock: 1 $65.99 GST included
Playing Boal - Theatre, Therapy, Activism
Stock: 1 $71.99 GST included
Robert Lepage
Author: Dundjerovic, Aleksandar Sasa
Stock: 0 $41.99 GST included