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I Will Kiss You in Four Places

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Title: I Will Kiss You in Four Places
Author: Howard, Helen
Price: $17.95

"...four stunning theatrical experiments" - Blurb

This volume of four plays by best selling Australian Playwrights is sold under the same copyright terms as any book, an additional licence must be purchased to make class copies. Price on Application.

Writing for a large group of 3rd year Applied Theatre students, the playwright's brief was simple - the plays could be no longer than twenty minutes and could have a cast size of no fewer than six. Subject matter, up to the playwright.

The end result is four stunning theatrical experiments - the lyrical and apocalyptic 'A Contemporary Hymn' by Linda Hassall, the physical and sophisticated 'Beetle-Eyed' by Helen Howard, the gothic and sexy 'The Gatecrasher' by Stephen Carleton, and the exuberant and hilarious 'Never For Ever' by Daniel Evans

Authors: Helen Howard; Daniel Evans; Stephen Carleton; Linda Hassall

I Will Kiss You in Four Places
By Helen Howard, Daniel Evans, Stephen Carleton and Linda Hassall

The Gate Crasher By Stephen Carleton

CAST: 3M 3F.
LENGTH: 20 minutes approximately.
TARGET AUDIENCE: Senior Years / Adult.
STYLE: Thriller.
THEMES: Death, bikies, friendship.

SYNOPSIS When former school friends attend a reunion after their classmate is killed in biking accident, it's clear something's not right about the classmate in the corner they can’t seem to remember...

PLAYWRIGHT Stephen Carleton is an award-winning playwright and a scholar. His play Constance Drinkwater and the Final Days of Somerset won the 2004/5 Patrick White Playwrights Award. In 2007, his play The Narcissist played at La Boite Theatre Company, with an extended season at the Sydney Opera House for STC in September 2008. His work has also been performed by La Mama, Griffin Stablemates, JUTE, Darwin Theatre Company and high schools around the country.

Never 4 Ever By Daniel Evans

CAST: 3M 3F.
LENGTH: 20 minutes approximately.
TARGET AUDIENCE: Senior Years / Adult.
STYLE: Fantasy.
THEMES: Escapism, sex.

SYNOPSIS Welcome to the bizarre world of a bunch of night-shift workers at Coles.
Fantasy and reality are lived in equal measure as the supermarket melds into the
escapist realms of Outer Space and Neverland. Never 4 Ever is an exuberant and
hilarious journey through time and space, that won’t easily be forgotten.

PLAYWRIGHT Daniel Evans wrote his first play, Opening A Fuzzwollop's Frame Of Mind, at age sixteen. The work went on to win the 2000 Queensland Theatre Company's Young Playwrights' Award and, in 2002, was published by Currency Press. His subsequent works for the stage include Ivy Shambitt and the Sound Machine, Holy Guacamole, The Reunion, Holidayz, Dirty Moles, Smother and an adaptation of Angela Carter's The Lady Of The House Of Love.

A Contemporary Hymn By Linda Hassall

CAST: 5M 1F.
LENGTH: 20 minutes approximately.
TARGET AUDIENCE: Senior Years / Adult.
STYLE: Prose / Drama.
THEMES: Clubbing, sex, fighting.

SYNOPSIS Take a fierce metaphorical journey into the disturbing underbelly of the nightclub scene. Angels of the Street and Dark travel to and from the soul-crushing Wasteland, as apocalyptic realisations compound.

PLAYWRIGHT Linda has worked in the theatre industry as a director, dramaturge and playwright for 20 years. Her first play Post Office Rose won a Matilda Award for best new play and was published by Playlab in 2008. Linda’s PhD research incorporates the writing of a full-length play, Dawn's Faded Rose.

Beetle-Eyed By Helen Howard

LENGTH: 20 minutes approximately.
TARGET AUDIENCE: Senior Years / Adult.
STYLE: Drama.
THEMES: Workers, love, blindness.

SYNOPSIS Workers are turning into beetles, invisible bugs are plaguing humans and men are pretending to be blind. Beetle-Eyed explores the obscurities of love in a world where absurdity prevails.

PLAYWRIGHT Helen Howard is an actor, writer, acting coach, dialect coach and co-founder (with Michael Futcher) of Matrix Theatre. As a writer in a twenty-year collaboration with Michael Futcher, she has written The King and the Corpse! (1995 Matilda Commendation), 1347, Explosions (QTC education program), A Beautiful Life (Winning four Melbourne Green Room Awards), The Drowning Bride (2005 Matilda Award), and most recently, the award-winning The Wishing Well.

PRODUCTION HISTORY All four plays in I Will Kiss You In Four Places were performed at Metro Arts in 2011, developed and produced by Griffith University.

Publisher: Playlab Press
Publication date: 01/01/2011
Format: Compact Disc
ISBN: 9781921390098
Publishing status: AU Dropshipping
I Will Kiss You in Four Places