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Leave This Song Behind

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Title: Leave This Song Behind
Author: Meyer, John
Price: $27.99

Edited by Stephanie H. Meyer, John Meyer, Adam Halwitz and Cindy W. Spertner

Leave This Song Behind is a robust, exceptional collection of diverse young people stretching, playing with, and recrafting the genre [of poetry] in a refreshing, compelling way. The contents ofthe anthology — arranged invitingly and using teen friendly language — welcome multiple readings . . . Most important, this anthology energizes young people to try their hand at writing poetry, too.”

- Kimberly N. Parker, PhD, President, New England Association of Teachers of English

“The avid teen bards have seized the day — making their presence felt in poems by turns buoyant, pensive, funny, funky, prickly, snappy, stirring and all intensely alive.”

- David Barber, Poetry Editor. The Atlanlic

Leave This Song Behind, an anthology of poems written entirely by teens, is a celebration of impeccable writing and stunning teen expression. In its 27 years, Teen Ink has received nearly half a million poetry submissions. This book includes the best of the best.

Divided into seven Chapters, Leave This Song Behind highlights specific poetic techniques including vivid imagery and sensory details; structure and form; narrative poems; and powerful use of metaphors and similes. The riveting language and accessible topics appeal to teens, teachers, parents, poets . . . and everyone in between.

STEPHANIE H. MEYER and JOHN MEYER founded the nonprofit Young Authors Foundation which publishes Teenlnkcom and Teen Ink, the national monthly print magazine that has showcased the work of 65,000 teens since l989. All royalties from Teen lnk books are donated to the foundation to fund further educational opportunities for teens.

It's been 10 years since the last book in the Teen Ink series Written in the Dirt was published. Now, a whole new batch of teen writers has emerged with their own unique voices. Leave This Song Behind features the best poetry submitted by those writers to Teen Ink over the last five years. The pieces in this book were chosen because they were so powerful that they stood out from the rest. Teen Ink editors took a deep look into each poem's strengths then divided Leave This Song Behind into seven sections based on the poetic techniques or qualities that moved them most. Vivid sensory details made some poems shine; others caught their attention with simple, sparse language. Still others were chosen because of their thoughtful use of form; compelling stories; strong figurative language; unexpected connections and wit; and fresh writing about familiar topics.

Dig in and let these brave young voices capture your heart and mind with their passion, their pain, and their amazing poetry!

Publisher: Health Communications
Publication date: 26/04/2016
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780757318962
Publishing status: OS In-stock BN
Leave This Song Behind