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Gooey Chewy and Other Giggles and Dreams

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Title: Gooey Chewy and Other Giggles and Dreams
Author: Kosseris, Annette and Campbell, David
Price: $24.95

Themes include: action, animals, choral verse speaking, Christmas, educational, families, food, limericks, monologues, nature, sport, stuff and nonsense, sun, surf & sand and lots of "characters".

Review: "Kosseris and Campbell's poetry instinctively captures the essence of childhood through rhythm and sound. There is great joy and verve in these creations that touch on those subjects dear to the minds of children. Not only will children enjoy learning and saying these poems but adults also cannot help but be moved by them. As a bonus, Gooey Chewy contains a section for Verse Speaking choirs, three monologues and a short story written through the eyes of an old dog called "Moofers." Great fun! Highly recommended." Reading Time - August, 2005

Annette Kosseris is a Speech & Drama teacher, adjudicator and poet, Principal of Kindamindi Speech & Drama Academy, and owner/manager of Kindamindi Publishing. Co-author and publisher of poetry anthologies: 7-10 and Back Again (1977), Up to Six & Over (1979), A Cup of Giggles A Saucer of Dreams, (1994) More Giggles & Dreams (1997), Here We Go Again (1999), Giggles & Woes & Anything Goes (2002), Moving On With Giggles & Dreams (2004) and Gooey Chewy and other JUNIOR Giggles and Dreams (2005). Annette has written many short plays for students; and words and song lyrics for two children's musicals (in collaboration with Margaret Speter). In 1995 Annette published the book 'Touch Me' (religious poetry written by Sister Gwen Flynn CSB). Annette visits Infants and Primary schools by appointment and enjoys reading poetry with the children and teachers. She conducts In-Service courses in poetry, drama and drama games for teachers.

Publication date: 01/03/2005
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780958034227
Publishing status: AU In Distributor In BN
Gooey Chewy and Other Giggles and Dreams