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Commedia Dell'arte- An Actor's Handbook
Stock: 0 $68.99 GST included
Experimental Theatre from Stanislavsky to Peter Brook
Stock: 0 $60.99 GST included
Laban for Actors and Dancers
Author: Newlove, Jean
Stock: 1 $25.99 GST included
Rainbow of Desire (The Boal Method of Theatre and Therapy)
Stock: 0 $75.99 GST included
Systems of Rehearsal (Stanislavsky, Brecht, Grotowski and Brook)
Stock: 0 $52.99 GST included
The Poetics
Author: Aristotle (trans. Kenneth McLeish)
Stock: 1 $21.99 GST included
Theatre of the Absurd
Author: Esslin, Martin
Stock: 1 $33.99 GST included
Towards a Poor Theatre
Author: Grotowski, Jerzy
Stock: 1 $76.95 GST included
World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre Volume 2 - The Americas
Stock: 0 $70.99 GST included