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Acting One + Acting Two

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Title: Acting One + Acting Two
Author: Cohen, Robert
Price: $147.95

The new, fifth edition of Robert Cohen's "Acting One," the text used to teach acting on more campuses than any other, has now been combined for the first time with his "Acting Two, " (the second edition of his previously-titled "Advanced Acting"). Together, "Acting One/Acting Two" provides a "comprehensive and fully integrated system of all acting," from the most realistic to the most stylized. Part One ("Acting One") covers basic skills such as talking, listening, tactical interplay, physicalizing, building scenes, and making powerful acting choices. Part Two ("Acting Two") provides a series of exercises that encourage the student actor's self-extension into radically different styles (historical, literary, fantastical) and characterizations; then coaches the student through scenework in a variety of historical periods (Greek, Commedia, Elizabethan, Moliere, Restoration, Belle Epoque), as well as modern hyper-realistic theatrical forms such as the theatres of alienation and the absurd, and exemplary recent dramas by Tony Kushner, Margaret Edson, August Wilson and Doug Wright.

Publication date: 17/01/2007
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780073288543
Publishing status: To Order
Acting One + Acting Two