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Stand Up for Literature

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Title: Stand Up for Literature
Author: O'Toole, John & Dunn, Julie
Price: $54.99

Stand Up For Literature: Dramatic Approaches in the Secondary English Classroom is a contemporary guide for teachers, offering interactive and embodied ways to bring literary and spoken texts to life.

Starting from firm pedagogical foundations, authors John O'Toole and Julie Dunn begin by taking English and Drama teachers through the principles and practice of using dramatic approaches to explore texts. This is followed by ten exemplars ' step by step guides to teaching a range of literary texts including fiction, contemporary prose, modern and classic plays, myths and legends, film, poetry, song and Shakespeare. These exemplars can be used as direct lessons or as models to adapt to an even wider variety of materials. They demonstrate how to apply the principles of dramatic approaches in practical settings.

As experienced educators drawing on reflections developed over decades of researching and teaching, O'Toole and Dunn expand our idea of drama and its uses to inspire innovative classroom literature teaching.

This comprehensive resource book takes the study and teaching of English off the shelf and stands it firmly on two feet. It gives students the chance to make meaning from literature through their bodies, hearts and minds.

Publisher: Currency Press Pty Ltd
Publication date: 25/09/2020
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760622862
Publishing status: AU Dropshipping
Stand Up for Literature