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Education in the Arts (Third Edition)

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Title: Education in the Arts (Third Edition)
Author: Sinclair, Christine
Price: $79.95

Teach with confidence across all 5 art streams

This book combines a number of important purposes. To provide students with:
* an understanding of the place of the arts in society and in schools
* an introduction to the basic principles of each art form and how to teach it
* vivid pictures of how the arts actually work in real classroom situations, through case study examples
* suggestions for how to build and adapt on the case study examples in your own primary classrooms, and perhaps most important of all;
* the confidence to bring the arts into the classroom.

Grounded in theory and research, with links to teaching practice, Education in the Arts helps students apply what they are learning to new contexts, and encourages them to become reflective and mindful practitioners. Students can continue to use this book as they become practising teachers, drawing on how to implement the various arts practices in a school setting.

New to this Edition:
* New Part Four – Arts and Community which includes new chapters:
- Chapter 16 - What can mindful educators learn from artists who work with children?
- Chapter 17 - The Arts and Teaching for Diversity.
* New cases studies across the book, with accompanying ‘beyond the case study’ section:
- Each chapter now includes one extended case study allowing for greater depth of description and analysis of the practice under review;
- ‘Beyond the case study’ draws out the strategies and approaches embedded in each case study and invites students and educators to explore how these can be applied in their own teaching contexts
* Completely revised Epilogue chapter, which addresses the question and difficulties of assessment in the arts and directs readers to reflect back on the various earlier chapters of the book through the lens of assessment.

Part One: Key Principles
Teaching with Art in Mind - John O'Toole, Mary Ann Hunter, Chris Sinclair and Neryl Jeanneret
The Arts, Creativity and Play - John O'Toole
Learning in the Arts - Neryl Jeanneret
Arts Education as Intercultural and Social Dialogue - Kate Donelan
General Capabilities and Multiple Literacies - John O'Toole
Teaching for the Aesthetic, Teaching as Aesthetic - Christine Sinclair
Shower Singing and Other Essentials - Julia Reid

Part Two: Teaching the Artforms
Dance: Art Embodied - Jan Deans, Jeff Meiners, Sarah Young and Katrina Rank
Drama: Social Dreaming in the 21st Century - Jane Bird, Kate Donelan and Christine Sinclair
Media Arts - Michael Dezuanni
Music in the Primary Classroom - Neryl Jeanneret, Jennifer Stevens-Ballenger, Sue Arney
Learning in and through the Visual Arts - Robert Brown, Marnee Watkins and Gina Grant

Part Three: integrating and applying the arts
Learning and Teaching through the Arts - Pam Macintyre, Richard Sallis, Robert Brown and Paul Molyneux
Integrating the Arts - David Kelman, Marnee Watkins, Jennifer Stevens-Ballenger and Christine Sinclair

Part Four: Arts and Community
Support and Partnerships for the Teacher - Neryl Jeanneret, John O'Toole and Chris Sinclair
What Can Mindful Educators Learn from Artists who Work with Children? - Mary Ann Hunter and Robert Brown
The Arts and Teaching for Diversity - Jo Raphael and Mary Ann Hunter

Epilogue - Christine Sinclair and Neryl Jeanneret

Christine Sinclair is the Head of Drama Education in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne.

Neryl Jeanneret is the Head of Music Education in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne.

John O’Toole is Honorary Professorial Fellow of The University of Melbourne where he was Foundation Chair of Arts Education. He is also Honorary Professor of Drama Education and Applied Theatre at Griffith University.

Mary Ann Hunter is Senior Lecturer in Drama Education at the University of Tasmania.

Publisher: Oxford University Press Austra
Publication date: 11/10/2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780195527940
Publishing status: Active
Education in the Arts (Third Edition)