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Performing Shakespeare's Women: Playing Dead

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Title: Performing Shakespeare's Women: Playing Dead
Author: Reynolds, Paige Martin (University of Central Arka
Price: $140.00

Shakespeare's women rarely reach the end of the play alive. Whether by murder or by suicide, onstage or off, female actors in Shakespeare's works often find themselves 'playing dead.' But what does it mean to 'play dead', particularly for women actors, whose bodies become scrutinized and anatomized by audiences and fellow actors who 'grossly gape on'? In what ways does playing Shakespeare's women when they are dead emblematize the difficulties of playing them while they are still alive? Ultimately, what is at stake for the female actor who embodies Shakespeare's women today, dead or alive? Situated at the intersection of the creative and the critical, Performing Shakespeare's Women: Playing Dead engages performance history, current scholarship and the practical problems facing the female actor of Shakespeare's plays when it comes to 'playing dead' on the contemporary stage and in a post-feminist world. This book explores the consequences of corpsing Shakespeare's women, considering important ethical questions that matter to practitioners, students and critics of Shakespeare today.

1. Introduction;
2. Performing Death and Desire in Othello;
3. Playing Parts in King Lear;
4. Performing the Female Body in Macbeth;
5. Making Love in Hamlet;
6. Making Memory Work in Richard III;
7. Performing Maternity in Romeo and Juliet;

Paige Martin Reynolds is Associate Professor of English at the University of Central Arkansas, teaching Shakespeare and Drama. She also performs both on stage and on film.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Publication date: 13/12/2018
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781350002593
Publishing status: Last copy available
Performing Shakespeare's Women: Playing Dead