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Certain Fragments: Texts and Writings on Performance
Stock: 0 $58.99 GST included
Devising Performance: A Critical History
Author: Heddon, Deirdre
Stock: 1 $61.95 GST included
Devising Theatre (A Practical and Theoretical Handbook)
Stock: 0 $62.99 GST included
Devising Theatre with Stan's Cafe
Author: Crossley, Mark (De Montfort University, UK)
Stock: 1 $47.99 GST included
Drama Worlds - A Framework for Process Drama
Stock: 1 $99.99 GST included
Dramawise Reimagined: Learning to Manage the Elements of Drama
Stock: 0 $49.99 GST included
Frantic Assembly Book of Devising Theatre
Stock: 0 $56.99 GST included
Planning Process Drama
Author: Bowell, Pamela
Stock: 0 $60.99 GST included
Process of Drama - Negotiating Art and Meaning
Stock: 1 $60.99 GST included
Putting Process Drama into Action: The Dynamics of Practice
Stock: 0 $52.99 GST included
Structuring Drama Work: 100 Key Conventions for Theatre and Drama
Stock: 0 $63.95 GST included