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Introducing Drama Book A

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Title: Introducing Drama Book A
Author: Fletcher, Karen
Price: $39.95

This new two-book series from User Friendly provides first steps into drama for young primary school students at the junior and middle primary levels. The resource includes units designed to integrate drama into the curriculum and inclusively allow students to participate in drama activities, develop literacy in drama and broaden their understanding of drama and its role in society.

Learning outcomes will increase students' ability to express themselves, develop higher order thinking skills, increase their awareness of dramatic structures and conventions and raise psychomotor and aesthetic skills.

Units included address 4 key areas: Creating Dramatic Space, Using Dramatic Structures, Working in Role, and Responding to Drama, and and are based around many familiar and entertaining themes and scenarios for children, for example: Pirates, Puppets, Fairytales, Space, Legends, Storytelling, and more.

A wide variety of activities includes warm up exercises, drama games, group exercises, character work, construction projects, and even mini productions.

Appendices in both books provide assessment sheets and handy unit resources and the easy-to-follow structure of approximately 30-minute lesson plans can be either tackled sequentially or dipped into as required.

Age Suitability: 5-10. Also available in this series: Introducing Drama Book B.

Publication date: 01/01/2009
ISBN: 9781869685591
Publishing status: Last copy available
Introducing Drama Book A