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Performing Greek Comedy

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Title: Performing Greek Comedy
Author: Hughes, Alan (University of Victoria, British Colu
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Alan Hughes presents a new complete account of production methods in Greek comedy. The book summarises contemporary research and disputes, on such topics as acting techniques, theatre buildings, masks and costumes, music and the chorus. Evidence is re-interpreted and traditional doctrine overthrown. Comedy is presented as the pan-Hellenic, visual art of theatre, not as Athenian literature. Recent discoveries in visual evidence are used to stimulate significant historical revisions. The author has directly examined 350 vase scenes of comedy in performance and actor-figurines, in 75 collections, from Melbourne to St Petersburg. Their testimony is applied to acting techniques and costumes, and women's participation in comedy and mime. The chapters are arranged by topic, for convenient reference by scholars and students of theatre history, literature, classics and drama. Overall, the book provides a fresh practical insight into this continually developing subject.

* Based on up-to-date, contemporary research in the archaeology of Greek comedy and theatre, replacing previous outdated studies which overlook visual evidence
* Explores comedy as Greek theatrical performance rather than Athenian literature, providing new insights into acting methods, masks and the role of women
* Clearly organised by topic, the book does not require a knowledge of Greek and includes a helpful bibliography

1. Comedy in art, Athens and abroad
2. Poets of Old and Middle Comedy
3. Theatres
4. The comic chorus
5. Music in comedy
6. Acting, from lyric to dual consciousness
7. Technique and style of acting comedy
8. The masks of comedy
9. Costumes of Old and Middle Comedy
10. Comedy and women
11. New Comedy
Catalogue of objects discussed: vases, terracottas, other media

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 07/08/2014
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781107437364
Publishing status: Print On Demand
Performing Greek Comedy