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Mask Handbook

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Title: Mask Handbook
Author: Sinclair, Anita
Price: $75.00

Throughout the ages humans have used Mask to create new characters and often new and impossible creatures.

The masked woman has added beauty, mystery and romantic fantasy to her life with a mask. The masked man has hidden his identity or turned himself into a terrifying warrior. The masked child has become a cat or a clown.

Now, not only the specialist performer, the teacher and the imaginative child are looking for fantasy and fun. The average conservative worker will seek out their own opportunities to be seen as exciting - to look amazing! They too want fantasy, art and drama in their lives.

Through Mask you can change from female to male and back again in moments, from young to old, from worldly-wise middle age to virginal youth. You can go through a gradual sequence of changes that take you from Dr. Jeckyl to Mr. Hyde, from The Beast to The Prince, from Cinderella 'before' to Cinderella 'after'. This book will offer you some snapshots of past Mask activities around the world. It will present a range of possible applications for the future and inform you of up-to-date materials and methods for pursuing your own projects. It is useful to both the professional and the beginner, providing clear instruction and many informative technical drawings.

Publication date: 01/01/2011
Format: Spiral Bound
ISBN: 9780975080412
Publishing status: To Order
Mask Handbook