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Contemporary American Monologue: Performance and Politics
Stock: 2 $36.99 GST included
Contemporary Duologues: One Man & One Woman
Stock: 0 $23.99 GST included
Contemporary Duologues: Two Men
Author: James, Trilby editor
Stock: 0 $23.99 GST included
Contemporary Duologues: Two Women
Author: James, Trilby
Stock: 0 $23.99 GST included
Contemporary Monologues for Men
Author: James, Trilby
Stock: 1 $23.99 GST included
Contemporary Scenes for Contemporary Kids
Stock: 1 $24.95 GST included
Cup of Giggles A Saucer of Dreams
Author: Kosseris, Annette
Stock: 0 $22.00 GST included
Dark Vanilla Jungle and Other Monologues
Stock: 1 $19.99 GST included
Definitely not a Nursery Rhyme
Author: Meddows, Dulcie
Stock: 1 $22.00 GST included
Duo!: The Best Scenes for Two for the 21st Century
Stock: 1 $33.95 GST included
Even More Monologues for Women by Women
Author: Haring-Smith, Tori
Stock: 2 $35.95 GST included
Exceptional Monologues 2 for Men and Women
Stock: 1 $27.95 GST included