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Singing with Your Own Voice

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Title: Singing with Your Own Voice
Author: Cook, Orlanda
Price: $29.99

How to liberate the singing voice voice that is within each one of us - a comprehensive instruction manual, full of practical exercises, which starts with overhauling our attitude to our voice From the Author's Introduction: 'This book will be of use to you whether or not you have any experience of singing...'This book will be of interest to anyone who is eager to find out more about the human voice, whether professional or amateur singer, actor, puppeteer or performance artist. It will be of interest to teachers of voice and singing as much as to their students...' This book does not offer tricks or short cuts - it offers a complete overhaul of your voice, first and foremost by looking at the way you think about it.' Among the sequence of topics covered are: Part One: Overcoming inhibition Part Two: Breath and the body Part Three: Sound and resonance Part Four: Using your imagination Part Five: Singing the song Part Six: Singing for others - including ten case studies: a housewife, a student actor, a professional singer.

Contents: Overcoming inhibition; breath and the body; sound and resonance; using your imagination; singing the song; singing for others.

Author Biography: Orlanda Cook was a member of the experimental Roy Hart Theatre in London and in France for ten years from 1972-82, since when she has worked extensively as a voice coach and director in Sweden, France, Belgium and Hungary, as well as in England. 'Working with Orlanda is full of enjoyment. She creates a safe climate around her which helps even the most shy to come forward and find new dimensions in his or her voice...' Suzanne Ostern, Director, Stockholm City Theatre.

Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Publication date: 27/08/2004
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781854596123
Publishing status: AU Dropshipping
Singing with Your Own Voice