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7 Steps to Fearless Speaking

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Title: 7 Steps to Fearless Speaking
Author: Wilder, Lilyan
Price: $49.95

When people say they'd rather die than address an audience, they're not kidding. Fear of public speaking has even topped death in some surveys. But now top communications consultant Lilyan Wilder offers some sound advice on how to overcome the crippling inhibition of public speaking. Her clients have included media icons Oprah Winfrey and Charlie Rose, former President George Bush, John Sculley, and Katharine Graham. 7 Steps to Fearless Speaking will teach you how to cope with the panic, avoidance, and trauma of speaking as you give the gift of your conviction and experience your voice for the first time.

Publication date: 12/04/1999
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780471321590
Publishing status: Indent (3-4 weeks)
7 Steps to Fearless Speaking