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Boss of the Pool - The Play (from the book by Klein, Robin)
Stock: 0 $23.99 GST included
Boy Overboard - The Play
Author: Cornelius, Patricia
Stock: 1 $23.99 GST included
Chocolate War
Author: Cormier, Robert (adapt. Joseph Robinette)
Stock: 3 $20.95 GST included
Cold Light
Author: Valentine, Alana
Stock: 3 $23.99 GST included
Collector (adapted for the stage by Mark Healy)
Stock: 1 $26.95 GST included
Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Author: Haddon, Mark (Author) Stephens, Simon (Adapted)
Stock: 2 $19.99 GST included
Danny the Champion of the World
Author: Dahl, Roald (adap. David Wood)
Stock: 3 $23.95 GST included
David Copperfield
Author: Francis, Matthew (from novel by Charles Dickens)
Stock: 1 $24.95 GST included
Diary of Anne Frank
Author: Goodrich, Frances; Hackett, Albert
Stock: 1 $22.95 GST included
Don Quixote
Author: Cervantes, Miguel (adapt A.Ludlum and D.Quicksall)
Stock: 1 $23.95 GST included
Emma (from Jane Austen's novel)
Author: Asher, Sandra Fenichel
Stock: 2 $18.95 GST included
Fantastic Mr Fox
Author: Dahl, Roald (adap. David Wood)
Stock: 4 $24.95 GST included