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Diary of Anne Frank

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Title: Diary of Anne Frank
Author: Goodrich, Frances; Hackett, Albert
Price: $22.95

The Diary of Anne Frank
Dramatized by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

Few more poignant true stories emerged from World War II than the diary of young Anne Frank. Published long afterwards by her father, the only family survivor, it records the minutiae of twenty-five months that two Jewish families spent in hiding from the Gestapo in an Amsterdam warehouse attic. The constant secrecy, growing hunger and friction of living in such cramped conditions could not dull Anne's vibrant personality or her passion for living.

CASTING: 5m, 5f
M5 (16, middle-age-elderly) F5 (teenage, 20s-40)
Full Length Play, Drama

Adaptations (Literature), Biography, Period, Docudrama/Historic
Time Period - 1940s / WWII
Settings Of Play - An attic

Publisher: Samuel French Ltd
Publication date: 31/01/1998
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780573011047
Publishing status: OS In-stock BN
Diary of Anne Frank