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101 Dalmatians (the play)

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Title: 101 Dalmatians (the play)
Author: Smith, Dodie (adapted by Robbins, Glyn)
Price: $26.95

20 characters, extras. May be played by a cast of 9, plus extras. Simple interior and exterior settings

A Hundred and One Dalmatians:
Pongo, a Dalmatian dog, and his Missis are expecting their first litter. They become jittery when obsessive fur collector Mrs Cruella de Vil arrives. When Missus produces fifteen puppies, Cruella is enraptured and has the Badduns kidnap the litter. Distraught, Pongo and Missis enlist support on the Twilight Barking and encounter many adventures before rescuing their own pups - and a great many more.

Publisher: Samuel French Ltd
Publication date: 01/05/1997
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780573051142
Publishing status: Active
101 Dalmatians (the play)