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Even My Ears are Smiling
Author: Rosen, Michael
Stock: 1 $14.99 GST included
Every Thing On It
Author: Silverstein, Shel
Stock: 0 $33.95 GST included
Falling up
Author: Silverstein, Shel
Stock: 1 $31.50 GST included
Funny Poems to Give You the Giggles
Author: Gibbs, Susie
Stock: 0 $9.95 GST included
Giggles and Woes and Anything Goes (Performance Poems for Children)
Stock: 2 $22.00 GST included
Giving Tree
Author: Silverstein, Shel
Stock: 0 $19.95 GST included
Gooey Chewy and Other Giggles and Dreams
Author: Kosseris, Annette and Campbell, David
Stock: 2 $24.95 GST included
Here We Go Again
Author: Kosseris, Annette
Stock: 2 $22.00 GST included
Author: Noyes, Alfred
Stock: 1 $18.95 GST included
How to Turn Your Teacher Purple!
Author: Carter, James
Stock: 1 $12.99 GST included
I Am Phoenix - Poems for Two Voices
Author: Feishmann, Paul
Stock: 0 $15.95 GST included
If Kids Ruled the School
Author: Lansky, Bruce (editor)
Stock: 0 $21.95 GST included