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Book of Whispers

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Title: Book of Whispers
Author: O'Callaghan, Julie
Price: $17.95

Teachers, parents, history lessons, pimples, slumber parties, horses - a charming and intelligent poetry book about teenage life.

In The Book of Whispers, Julie O'Callaghan has written a book to delight young teenagers and adults alike. Told through the whispering voice of a witty, likeable, mischievous young girl, the poems paint a three dimensional account of adolescent life at school, at home, or in a best-friends' bedroom.

Without once raising their voice, this book's characters and stories gossip wickedly to one another about teachers, history lessons, pets, parents and pimples. Whispers in the closet, whispers at a slumber party, horse whispers, whispers from losing voice: Julie O'Callaghan has created an appealing PSST! for young lives. Charming and intelligent, "The Book of Whispers" is a book for every classroom and playground.

Julie O'Callaghan has written four books of poems for adults, and two for children. She received the Michael Hartnett Poetry Award in 2001.

Pages: 48
Age: 11 - 14

Publisher: Faber & Faber
Publication date: 02/02/2006
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780571227686
Publishing status: Active
Book of Whispers