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Acting - Advanced Techniques for the Actor, Director and Teacher
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Acting Alone - A Drama Teacher's Monologue Survival Kit
Stock: 2 $27.95 GST included
Actor in You - Sixteen Simple Steps to Understanding the Art of Acting
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Albee in Performance
Author:Solomon, Rakesh Herald
Stock: 0 $46.95 GST included
Commedia Dell'Arte - A Handbook for Troupes
Author:John Rudlin and Olly Crick
Stock: 1 $71.99 GST included
Decolonizing the Stage - Theatrical Syncretism and Post-colonial Drama
Stock: 0 $247.95 GST included
Developing Zeami - The Noh Actor's Attunement in Practice
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Drama for Life - Stories of Adult learning and Empowerment
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From Word to Play (A Textual Handbook for Directors and Actors)
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Intent to Live - Achieving Your True Potential as an Actor
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Laban for Actors and Dancers
Author:Newlove, Jean
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Laban for All
Author:Newlove, Jean and Dalby, John
Stock: 1 $34.99 GST included