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Reading the Material Theatre

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Title: Reading the Material Theatre
Author: Knowles, Ric
Price: $48.95

Reading the Material Theatre develops and demonstrates a method of theatrical performance analysis that takes into account the entire theatre experience, from production to reception.

Beginning with semiotic and cultural materialist theory, Knowles quickly moves into detailed politicized analysis of the ways in which specific aspects of theatrical production, and specific contexts of reception, shape the audience's understanding of what they experience in the theatre. It concludes with five case studies of the cultural work performed by a major Shakespearean repertory theatre, a small nationalist theatre devoted to new play development, a major New York-based avant-garde touring theatre company, a British socialist company dedicated to the work of Shakespeare, and a range of international festivals.

This accessible 2004 volume provides a first-step introduction to key terms and areas of performance theory, including reception history, performance analysis, and production analysis.

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Part I. Theory and Practice:
1. Theory: towards a materialist semiotics
2. Practice: conditions of production and reception
Conclusion to Part I;

Part II. Case Studies:
3. The Stratford Festival
4. Tarragon Theatre
5. The Wooster Group
6. The English Shakespeare Company
7. International festivals


Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 01/07/2004
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780521644167
Publishing status: To Order
Reading the Material Theatre