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Acting in Classroom Drama
Author:Bolton, Gavin
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Beginning Drama 11-14
Author:Neelands, Jonathan
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Childsplay (Collection of Scenes and Monologues for Children)
Stock: 1 $39.95 GST included
Drama Journeys
Author:Mooney, Mary
Stock: 1 $29.95 GST included
Dramatexts - Creative Practice for Senior Drama Students
Stock: 1 $64.95 GST included
Focus on Drama Book A
Author:Swartz, Larry
Stock: 0 $39.95 GST included
Focus on Drama Book B
Author:Swartz, Larry
Stock: 1 $39.95 GST included
Improv Ideas - A Book of Games and Lists
Author:Jones, Justine and Kelley, Mary Ann
Stock: 2 $40.95 GST included
Living Drama (4th edition)
Author:Burton, Bruce
Stock: 0 $84.95 GST included
Real (Scenes and Monologues for Urban Youth)
Stock: 0 $34.95 GST included
Strategies for Playbuilding - Helping Groups Translate Issues into Theatre
Stock: 2 $45.95 GST included