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10 Skits For Younger Performers
Author:Warwick, Valerie and Stevens, Richard
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3 Windows (copied and bound play text)
Author:Markwell Presents
Stock: 1 $25.00 GST included
48 Shades Of Brown
Author:Dean, Philip
Stock: 0 $22.99 GST included
A Rabbit for Kim Jong-Il
Author:Brookman, Kim
Stock: 0 $19.99 GST included
Acts of Courage - Three Headphone Verbatim Plays
Stock: 1 $34.99 GST included
Advanced Screening 2010 DVD (Realism version)
Stock: 1 $60.00 GST included
After January
Author:Dean, Philip
Stock: 0 $22.99 GST included
Alice Dreaming - A Play for Secondary Students
Stock: 3 $23.95 GST included
All Stops Out
Author:Gow, Michael
Stock: 0 $22.99 GST included
Animal Farm (Printed copy) (adapted and created by Shake and Stir Theatre)
Stock: 0 $23.00 GST included