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Underland (A5 reproduction)

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Title: Underland (A5 reproduction)
Author: Collier, Alexandra
Price: $18.95

Violet and Ruth are bored as hell in their small town Australian high school, where there’s nothing but red earth, hurricane fences and the far off whirring of the quarry. But when a new teacher arrives, the borders of the town are no longer the limit of where a girl can go. If only they can escape to Melbourne or Paris or Tokyo before the sinister creature lurking at the edges of the town snatches them up and feeds them to the insatiable earth.

Underland is a new Australian play that cracks open the desert to reveal mythic beasts, Chekhovian love triangles and big sky blues, while giving the finger to everything you thought you know about "down under" from Fosters' commercials. Underland was developed at Sydney Theatre Company.

Style: Drama, magic realism
Length: full length
Cast: 4 female, 2 male
Cast age: 12 to 16, 18+
Audience age: adult

"Ms. Collier.... has created six vivid, droll characters. In terraNOVA Collective’s polished production of Underland at 59E59 Theaters, Mia Rovegno has directed six assertive, beautifully delineated performances" - New York Times

"Cleverly mixing surreal dangers with the painfully everyday world" - Charged FM

"Underland is the best kind of scary... It's the kind of scary that you don't notice at first, that creeps in around the edges, capable of capturing the audience in its jaws and swallowing them whole" - StageBuddy

"dystopian fever dream of a play" - Talkin' Broadway

Publication date: 01/01/2017
Format: A5 reproduction
ISBN: 9781925338430
Publishing status: AU Dropshipping
Underland (A5 reproduction)