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Snow White

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Title: Snow White
Author: Miller, Suzie
Price: $24.95

Don’t bring the children.

Created by: Lindy Hume, Zulya Kamalova and Suzie Miller

There’s a queen, a girl, a huntsman, a mirror, an act of jealousy, a poison apple and a deadly axe. It’s everything you recognise, but nothing you’d expect.

When the Queen is faced with the same threat that ignited her own rise to power, she sets out to do anything to protect her throne. She is soon, however, faced with the ugly truth that the real question isn’t how far is she willing to go to maintain her control, but was she ever in control to begin with? We all know the Queen rules the board, but who is playing whom? This version of the classic tale interrogates what it means to be a woman, a girl, a daughter and a mother. It asks us who defines beauty and at what cost do we live a life defined by the gaze of others?

This Snow White isn’t a gentle story to lull the children to sleep, but rather a darkly sexual and humorous look into power and who actually wields it.

Production History: Snow White was first presented by La Boite Theatre Company, Opera Queensland and Brisbane Festival, premiering at the Roundhouse Theatre on September 7th, 2016

THEMES: Womanhood, power, beauty


CAST SIZE: 3 - 4 Cast Members
LENGTH: 1.5 Hours

Publication date: 07/09/2016
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925338362
Publishing status: AU Dropshipping in stock
Snow White