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Cinderella (A5 reproduction)

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Title: Cinderella (A5 reproduction)
Author: Whittet, Matthew
Price: $23.00

"Cinderella undermines the Hollywood rom-com to hilarious effect." — CONCRETE PLAYGROUND

"Cinderella is an accurate and timely representation of romance in the digital age." — SUZY GOES SEE

This Cinderella is not about princes and princesses. It's about a single woman in her early 40s trying to go on a date, and a single guy who has an unreasonable fear of not being heard over loud music in bars. There may not be any ugly sisters, but there's the occasional mysterious animal. There's midnight. There's a show. There's dancing. And there's beautiful transformation.

Cinderella was first produced by Belvoir, premiering downstairs at the Belvoir Street Theatre on November 15, 2014.

THEMES: Love, Identity, Comedy
LENGTH: 1.5 Hours

Publication date: 01/01/2019
Format: A5 reproduction
ISBN: 9781925338812
Publishing status: AU Dropshipping
Cinderella (A5 reproduction)