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Burnt (An Australian Anti-Bullying Play (Years 8-10)) - Student Book

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Title: Burnt (An Australian Anti-Bullying Play (Years 8-10)) - Student Book
Author: Davis, Stephen
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Burnt tells the story of Simon, who is consistently bullied by Richard, one of his schoolmates. Set after the situation has come to a crisis point, the play explores the feelings of three of Simon’s friends – could they have prevented it? – with flashbacks to incidents between Simon and Richard, and monologues from Simon about his longing to fit in.

By putting themselves in Simon’s place, students learn to have empathy for the victims of bullying, to understand that “it’s okay to be different” and to create a strong network to support one another.

This student book contains the complete playscript of Burnt, which was first performed by the Central Queensland University Theatre-in-Education Company at Yeppoon State High School on 21 July 2000. The format allows for easy reading and performance by student groups.

The companion volume, Burnt: An Australian Anti-Bullying Play - Research, Workshop Activities & Teacher's Notes, gives supporting contextual information for teachers who hope to use the play with their students and classes. It includes: background information about the play; detailed information from current research on bullying; suggested strategies for managing actual bullying incidents; and suggested topics for workshops and discussion, complete with advisory notes.

Burnt is an ideal and creative way to introduce the subtleties of bullying education and the issues it raises with your students.

Publication date: 02/12/2002
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781743301074
Publishing status: No longer supplied by us
Burnt (An Australian Anti-Bullying Play (Years 8-10)) - Student Book