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As term three draws to a close I can't help wondering where the year has gone. With our own daughter on the verge of completing senior this year we have an even higher appreciation of the hopes and dreams and stresses that come at this time.

Award Suggestions

We know that many annual budgets are closing at this time and the orders for class sets and resources are beginning to flood in along with requests for suggestions. To help out those of you who don't manage to speak to us directly I am including a link to our list of best sellers (mostly as class sets) which gives a clear indication of what your peers are buying! If you're not ready to choose your class sets yet, maybe a selection of New Australian and International Plays to read and weigh up. We also have the Film version of Jasper Jones added to our DVD collection. It should be noted that unlike most of the DVDs we sell, this is a film adaption rather than a live production.

Award Suggestions

Another popular request at this time of year is books suitable for prizes.

We have a few titles which are always popular including The Acting Bible and 101 Things I Learned in Film School.

Upfront Theatre is a new anthology from Bloomsbury bringing together a selection of Claire Dowie's plays for young people, which are ideal for performance with a large cast.
– Why Is John Lennon Wearing A Skirt?
– Arsehammers
– The Year of the Monkey
– Hard Working Families

There are two new Australian Monologue collections coming soon, we will bring you more detail in the next newsletter.

There are five newly published drama resources we would like to draw your attention to; the first two are guides for teaching practice.

  • Putting Process Drama into Action -The Dynamics of Practice by Pamela Bowell, Brian S. Heap Addressing the dynamic nature of process drama, it provides a clear and rigorous explanation of the theory of process drama and links it to practice.
  • Education in the Arts -Third Edition by Christine Sinclair, Neryl Jeanneret, John O'Toole, Mary Ann Hunter. Grounded in theory and research, with links to teaching practice, Education in the Arts helps students apply what they are learning to new contexts, and encourages them to become reflective and mindful practitioners.

The next three are exploring theatre theory and history.

Award Suggestions

Enjoy a well-earned break: if you are planning and want to make order or enquiry we will be working reduced hours during the Queensland School holiday but should be able to respond to most requests within 48hrs.


Thank you for your continued support!

We look forward to your orders and enquiries.

Mary Sutherland

Plays & Resources

Award Prize Suggestions

International Plays


Australian Plays



Teaching Resources

Award Prize Suggestions

 Shakespeare and Commedia dell’Arte
Play by Play

image shadow

Published 2017


by Artemis Preeshl

Shakespeare and Commedia dell’Arte examines the ongoing influence of commedia dell’arte on Shakespeare’s plays.

Exploring the influence of commedia dell’arte improvisation, sight gags, and wordplay on the development of Shakespeare’s plays, Artemis Preeshl blends historical research with extensive practical experience to demonstrate how these techniques might be applied when producing some of Shakespeare's best-known works today. Each chapter focuses on a specific play, from A Midsummer Night’s Dream to The Winter’s Tale, drawing out elements of commedia dell’arte style in the playscripts and in contemporary performance.

Including contemporary directors’ notes and interviews with actors and audience members alongside Elizabethan reviews, criticism, and commentary, Shakespeare and Commedia dell’Arte presents an invaluable resource for scholars and students of Renaissance theatre.

Artemis Preeshl is a Fulbright Senior Specialist in Theatre and professional director, actor, dialect coach, and choreographer

 Designing Costume
for stage and sreen

image shadow

Published 2014


by Deirdre Clancy

BAFTA-winning costume designer's guide to the design processs.

Deirdre Clancy is one of the most experienced and accomplished costume designers in the business. She gives her inside knowledge of designing for stage and screen, which includes television, film, theatre and opera. She includes a brief illustrated history of costume design - from the Greeks to Lady Gaga - which is an invaluable guide for students and current designers.

Part two takes the reader through the design process: how you go about doing it, the different strands of costume design - from contemporary clothes through to period costume and how to communicate with the audience, designing on paper and with Photoshop or on an iPad and how to share and communicate your ideas and well as mood boards and collages for inspiration.

Part three is about the world of costume design - what it involves and how to get into the field, who does what and the differences between working for stage and screen productions. Clancy advises on budgets and improvisation and covers all the practicalities and behind-the-scenes tips. Part Four looks at period costume from the Dark Ages up to the twentieth century, encompassing authenticity and feasibility. Finally, Part Five looks at individual case studies in depth, including opera and Shakespeare productions.

Packed with great drawings and case studies, this is an essential book for any student or professional costume designer looking for additional inside advice.

Whether you are a designer for the stage or screen, this book has something new for you with advice from one of the best in the business.

 Stage Lighting
The Technicians’ Guide

image shadow

Published 2015


by Skip Mort

This practical guide covers all aspects of stage lighting equipment, special effects, lighting a performance space and lighting design. It is well illustrated with examples of equipment, diagrams, plans and technical data. It also features the work of current lighting designers. The associated video content shows the practical use of equipment and different lighting techniques and effects.

It provides easy access to the content through the use of tabulated sections and keyword headings. The information in each chapter is presented at three levels which run visually throughout the guide enabling students to mix and match their own personal level of study or for practitioners to fast track through to the information they need on stage.

This new and revised second edition brings the guide right up to date, and includes all new material on the development of LED lighting in recent years, as well as online video resources.

International Plays

 Upfront Theatre
Why Is John Lennon Wearing A Skirt?
The Year of the Monkey
Hard Working Families

image shadow

Published 2017


by Claire Dowie

An anthology bringing together a selection of Claire Dowie's plays for young people, which are ideal for performance with a large cast.

The anthology includes the following plays and an introduction by the author.

Why Is John Lennon Wearing A Skirt? (Stage2 version, large cast) portrays a 14-year-old girl who dresses like a boy and would rather play football than anything else. This version can be performed by a cast of up to 100.

Arsehammers (Stage2 version, large cast) is about a boy's relationship with his grandfather, who is suffering from Alzheimer's (or "Arsehammers", as the boy hears it). He believes his grandad to have superpowers on account of his routine disappearances. A brilliant tale of living with, and understanding, mental illness. It has been reimagined for a cast of around 20.

The Year of the Monkey (Stage2 version, large cast) shows a mother dreaming of injecting some excitement into her humdrum life. The play has been revised the play for around 25 young people.

Hard Working Families (original version, large cast), which hasn't previously been published, is a satirical play with music that exposes the true impact that earning a living has on young people in modern-day society. It is a response to politicians' visions of 'ordinary people', set against the reality of earning a living and the way this impacts on young people's lives. It can be performed by a cast of up to 50.

Australian Plays

 Antigone & Cyrano de Bergerac

image shadow

Published June 2017


by Damien Ryan


Who here can tell what law we owe the dead?

Antigone, daughter of Oedipus, is a child of war. Thousands of years ago she asked a question: What do we do with the body of the enemy, when this enemy is our brother?

Creon, Antigone’s uncle, is a leader trying to usher in democracy after a brutal civil war. When Creon discovers what Antigone has done, both of them suffer the consequences. Personal conscience is pitted against national law and neither come out clean.

Damien Ryan’s new adaptation of Sophocles’ classic takes the conflicts of ancient Thebes and wrenches them passionately into the present. This story of war and its aftermath is a powerful yet vulnerable allegory about one of history’s most famous families.

Sport for Jove’s production of Antigone won seven Sydney Theatre Awards in 2016.

Cyrano de Bergerac

It stays with me, one thing… my panache!

Cyrano de Bergerac is convinced that his outrageously-sized nose will forever stop him from being loved by Roxane, his intellectual and beautiful friend. But Roxane is in love—with Christian, a handsome yet inarticulate soldier in Cyrano’s regiment. Together, Christian and Cyrano make a flawless human.

This epic plot spans a whole war, from Parisian bakeries to the bloody battlefront. Dramatic irony takes centre stage alongside Cyrano’s sharp wit and painful yearning.

Edmond Rostand’s original 1890s tragicomic French masterpiece is the unique romance that brought the word ‘panache’ into the English language. This new adaptation by Damien Ryan brings the action forward to WWI, where Cyrano is a war poet like no other.

Sport for Jove’s production of Cyrano de Bergerac won three Sydney Theatre Awards in 2013.

 Sunset Strip

image shadow

Published June 2017


by Suzie Miller

‘There is no value in life except
what you choose to place upon it
and no happiness in any place
except what you bring to it yourself.’

— Henry David Thoreau

At Sunset Strip the only people left are those who couldn’t leave. Arriving home after a bout of chemotherapy to this once-thriving summer hot spot, Caroline finds the lake completely dried up, the holiday-makers long gone.

Yet her younger sister, the ever-optimistic Phoebe, remains doggedly hopeful. Between a stint in rehab, caring for her demented dad (who has a penchant for training goldfish) and losing her kids temporarily to DOCS, Phoebe has managed to find love in Teddy, a local fallen fella with a big heart. And now that Caroline is back, Phoebe is determined to make life fabulous.

In Sunset Strip, Suzie Miller ( Caress/Ache) examines love, family dysfunction and making the best of shitty situations and prosthetic breasts. Sunset Strip finds the humour in tragedy and creates an unlikely path for humanity to triumph.

‘Miller writes with verve and delicacy’ — TimeOut London

  • Cast : 2F, 2M

 The Incredible Here and Now

image shadow

Published July 2017


by Felicity Castagna

The Incredible Here and Now is a play about cars and boys and having to grow up too soon.

Charcoal chicken, a white Pontiac Trans Am, the Council pool, Michael is living in the shadow of his older brother Dom. The biggest guy in the school. Best car in the West. The guy who just can’t help but grab everyone’s attention. The guy with the girlfriend with the huge-arse hair.

When he is gone Michael roams the streets, navigating life, friendship, love and family. The Incredible Here and Now is a poignant rollercoaster ride celebrating life, first love, family and new beginnings, traversing the streets of Western Sydney.

Adapted for the stage from her novel by international award-winning local author and playwright Felicity Castagna.

  • Cast : 7F, 6M doubling possible

(new edition)

image shadow

Published July 2017


by Kate Mulvany

In a wondrous world of riddles and hidden treasure, bumbling Jack Hare is on a race against time to deliver a message of love from the Moon to the Sun. Far, far away in a world just like ours, a mother cheers her son Joe with the tale of Jack Hare’s adventure. But when Jack’s mission goes topsy-turvy, Joe and his mum must come to the rescue, and the line between the two worlds becomes blurred forever.

Bringing to life Kit Williams’ iconic picture book, Masquerade stars a talking fish, a tone-deaf barbershop quartet, a gassy pig, a precious jewel and a few mere mortals. It’s a magical adventure that is, at its heart, about the love between a parent and a child.

  • Cast : 9M, 8F


 Jasper Jones DVD

image shadow

Published July 2017


Director: Rachel Perkins

A Knock at the Window. Their Lives Changed Forever.

Adapted from Craig Silvey's bestselling Australian novel and featuring a stellar cast including Toni Collette, Hugo Weaving, Levi Miller, Angourie Rice, Dan Wyllie and Aaron McGrath, JASPER JONES is the story of Charlie Bucktin, a bookish boy of 14 living in a small town in Western Australia. In the dead of night during the scorching summer of 1969, Charlie is startled when he is woken by local mixed-race outcast Jasper Jones outside his window. Jasper leads him deep into the forest and shows him something that will change his life forever, setting them both on a dangerous journey to solve a mystery that will consume the entire community.In an isolated town where secrecy, gossip and tragedy overwhelm the landscape, Charlie faces family breakdown, finds his first love, and discovers what it means be truly courageous.

DVD Special Features

  • The Making of Jasper Jones: 5 Featurettes
  • ATOM Study Guide

Teaching Resources

 Education in the Arts
Third Edition

image shadow

Published October 2017


by Christine Sinclair, Neryl Jeanneret, John O'Toole, Mary Ann Hunter

Teach with confidence across all 5 art streams

This book combines a number of important purposes. To provide students with:

  • an understanding of the place of the arts in society and in schools
  • an introduction to the basic principles of each art form and how to teach it
  • vivid pictures of how the arts actually work in real classroom situations, through case study examples
  • suggestions for how to build and adapt on the case study examples in your own primary classrooms, and perhaps most important of all;
  • the confidence to bring the arts into the classroom.

Grounded in theory and research, with links to teaching practice, Education in the Arts helps students apply what they are learning to new contexts, and encourages them to become reflective and mindful practitioners. Students can continue to use this book as they become practising teachers, drawing on how to implement the various arts practices in a school setting.

 Putting Process Drama into Action
The Dynamics of Practice

image shadow

Published 2017


by Pamela Bowell, Brian S. Heap

This new book provides a clear and accessible guide on best practice to support teachers when using process drama in establishing creative learning partnerships with their students. It offers a detailed analysis and explores the roles of actor, director and playwright that the teacher must adopt in order to develop the ‘thinking on your feet’ skills and knowledge necessary to deliver a complete process drama experience.

Addressing the dynamic nature of process drama, it provides a clear and rigorous explanation of the theory of process drama and links it to practice. Drawing on a wide range of detailed examples from the authors’ international and cross-cultural practice, it demonstrates how an effective process drama operates in action.

Written to help practitioners and students produce powerful, artistic and educative experiences, chapters cover:

  • pedagogy and the improvised nature of the art form
  • the structural framework and making shifts in the drama
  • the role of actor, director, playwright and teacher
  • monitoring emotional range
  • progression and the importance of reflection
  • the spiral of creative exchange and the complexities of co-creativity

Putting Process Drama into Action will be an essential guide for students undertaking initial teacher training at primary level, in addition to those studying both Drama and English at secondary level. It will also prove to be essential reading for specialist and non-specialist teachers in the primary and secondary sectors who teach, or wish to teach, process drama.

 World Theories of Theatre

image shadow

Published 2017


by Glenn A. Odom

World Theories of Theatre expands the horizons of theatrical theory beyond the West, providing the tools essential for a truly global approach to theatre.

Identifying major debates in theatrical theory from around the world, combining discussions of the key theoretical questions facing theatre studies with extended excerpts from primary materials, specific primary materials, case studies and coverage of Southern Africa, the Caribbean, North Africa and the Middle East, Oceania, Latin America, East Asia, and India. The volume is divided into three sections:

  • Theoretical questions, which applies cross-cultural perspectives to key issues from aesthetics to postcolonialism, interculturalism, and globalization
  • Cultural and literary theory, which is organised by region, presenting a range of theatrical theories in their historical and cultural context
  • Practical exercises, which provides a brief series of suggestions for physical exploration of these theoretical concepts

World Theories of Theatre presents fresh, vital ways of thinking about the theatre, highlighting the extraordinary diversity of approaches available to scholars and students of theatre studies.

 Routledge Handbook of Asian Theatre

image shadow

Published 2017


by Siyuan Liu

Routledge Handbook of Asian Theatre is an advanced level reference guide which surveys the rich and diverse traditions of classical and contemporary performing arts in Asia, showcasing significant scholarship in recent years. An international team of over 50 contributors provide authoritative overviews on a variety of topics across Asia, including dance, music, puppetry, make-up and costume, architecture, colonialism, modernity, gender, musicals, and intercultural Shakespeare.

This volume is divided into four sections covering:

  • Representative Theatrical Traditions in Asia
  • Cross-Regional Aspects of Classical and Folk Theatres
  • Modern and Contemporary Theatres in Asian Countries
  • Modernity, Gender Performance, Intercultural and Musical Theatre in Asia

Offering a cutting edge overview of Asian theatre and performance, the Handbook is an invaluable resource for academics, researchers and students studying this ever-evolving field.

 Acting Exercises for Non-Traditional Staging
Michael Chekhov Reimagined

image shadow

Published 2017


by Anjalee Deshpande Hutchinson

Acting Exercises for Non-Traditional Staging: Michael Chekhov Reimagined offers a new set of exercises for coaching actors when working on productions that are non-traditionally staged in arenas, thrusts, or alleys. All of the exercises are adapted from Michael Chekhov's acting technique, but are reimagined in new and creative ways that offer innovative twists for the practitioner familiar with Chekhov, and easy accessibility for the practitioner new to Chekhov. Exploring the methodology through a modern day lens, these exercises are energizing additions to the classroom and essential tools for more a vibrant rehearsal and performance.

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