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Hearing and Writing Music (Professional Training for Today's Musician)

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Title: Hearing and Writing Music (Professional Training for Today's Musician)
Author: Gorow, Ron
Price: $45.95

This work combines the principles of music theory, composition, orchestration and transcription into a co-ordinated system of integrated techniques. The book prepares the musician for the working world of music: the professions of composing, arranging, orchestrating, music preparation, and performance.

A complete step-by-step course to perfect your musical skills.

Personal training, theory and exercises develop your ability to hear and notate any style of music.

A definitive guide and reference book for composers, orchestrators, arrangers and performers.

* Transcribing techniques to help you improvise, orchestrate, compose.
* How to maximize your creativity and productivity.
* How to develop your craft by consolidating techniques,
* How to read music with your ears.
* How you can write music without using an instrument.
* How to write music spontaneously, as your ear guides your hand.
* How to communicate accurately through music notation.
* Why you don't need “perfect pitch”.

* Tools to develop your music perception.
* 140 exercises, many music examples - models for a lifetime of study.
* Resources for composing, orchestrating, film scoring.
* Where to find supplies, organizations, information, inspiration.
* Working in the music business.

"The best system for teaching ear training that I've ever seen. I’ve learned a great deal from this book and so will you.” - RANDY NEWMAN, COMPOSER

"Invaluable! Written by one of the most talented men in our business today.” - RICHARD CARPENTER, COMPOSER, RECORDING ARTIST

“A concise and wonderfully clear book on how to notate musical thoughts.” - HERB ALPERT, RECORDING ARTIST, PRODUCER

Author Ron Gorow has been in the music business in Hollywood for over 40 years, working in film, TV, records, live acts and publishing. He has consolidated his experience as a composer, orchestrator, arranger, copyist, music engraver, score proofreader, musicologist and teacher to develop the technique presented in HEARING AND WRITING MUSIC.

Publisher: September Publishing
Publication date: 01/09/2002
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780962949678
Publishing status: OS In-stock BN
Hearing and Writing Music (Professional Training for Today's Musician)