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Anarchic Dance
Author: Aggiss, Liz. Cowie, Billy
Stock: 0 $72.99 GST included
Bodies of the Text (Dance as Theory, Literature as Dance)
Stock: 1 $43.95 GST included
British Theatres and Music Halls
Author: Earl, John
Stock: 2 $42.95 GST included
Cecchetti Legacy (An Analysis and Description of the Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet)
Stock: 1 $79.00 GST included
Choreographing Empathy (Kinesthesia in Performance)
Stock: 0 $87.99 GST included
Christmas Eve in the Old Nursery (script and CD)
Stock: 1 $48.00 GST included
Dance and Music (A Guide to Dance Accompaniment for Musicians and Dance Teachers)
Stock: 1 $59.95 GST included
Dancing in Utopia (Dartington Hall and its Dancers)
Stock: 1 $39.95 GST included
Ecstasy and the Demon - The Dances of Mary Wigman
Stock: 1 $47.95 GST included
Finding Balance (2nd edition)
Author: Berardi, Gigi
Stock: 0 $77.99 GST included