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Bodies of the Text (Dance as Theory, Literature as Dance)
Stock: 1 $43.95 GST included
Dance, Space and Subjectivity
Author: Briginshaw, Valerie A.
Stock: 0 $53.00 GST included
Kazuo Ohno's World
Author: Ohno, Kazuo
Stock: 1 $69.95 GST included
Laban for Actors and Dancers
Author: Newlove, Jean
Stock: 3 $25.99 GST included
Laban for All
Author: Newlove, Jean and Dalby, John
Stock: 1 $34.99 GST included
Laban Sourcebook
Author: McCaw, Dick
Stock: 0 $56.99 GST included
Mark Morris
Author: Acocella, Joan Ross
Stock: 1 $55.95 GST included
Routledge Dance Studies Reader
Author: Carter, Alexandra
Stock: 0 $72.99 GST included