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Jazz Dance (The Story of American Vernacular Dance)

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Title: Jazz Dance (The Story of American Vernacular Dance)
Author: Stearns, Marshall and Jean
Price: $36.95

The Story of American Vernacular Dance.

* Marshall Winslow Stearns: An Appreciation by James T. Maher
* Prologue Prehistory
* Africa and the West Indies
* New Orleans and the South
* The Pattern of Diffusion Beginnings
* From Folk to Professional
* Early Minstrelsy
* Minstrel Dances and Dancers
* Late Minstrelsy The Vernacular
* Medicine Shows and Gillies
* Carnivals, Circuses, and Negro Minstrels
* Roadshows, T.O.B.A., and Picks
* The Witman Sisters Tin Pan Alley and Song Lyrics
* Ballroom Origins
* The Song Writer: Perry BradfordI
* The Song Writer: Perry BradfordII Broadway and the Reviewers
* Williams and Walker and the Beginnings of Vernacular Dance on Broadway
* Early Harlem
* Shuffle Along
* Broadway: The Early Twenties
* Broadway: The Late Twenties
* Choreography: Buddy Bradley Technique: Pioneers, Innovators, and Stylists
* King Rastus Brown and the Time Step
* Bill Robinson: Up on the Toes
* Frank Condos: Wings and the Expanding Repertory
* James Barton: Versatility
* Harland Dixon and Character Dancing
* John W. Bubbles and Rhythm Tap
* Fred Astaire Specialties
* Eccentric Dancing
* Comedy Dancing
* Russian Dancing Acrobatics
* Straight Acrobatics
* The New Acrobatics
* The Flash Acts The Class Acts
* The Original Stylists
* The First Class-Act Team: Greenlee and Drayton
* Pete Nugent and the Class Acts
* Coles and Atkins: The Last of the Class Acts The Jitterbug
* Harlem Background
* The Savoy Ballroom
* From Coast to Coast Requiem
* Baby Laurence and the Hoffers Club
* Groundhog
* The Dying Breed
* Epilogue

Publisher: Perseus Books Group
Publication date: 01/03/1994
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780306805530
Publishing status: Active (web)
Jazz Dance (The Story of American Vernacular Dance)