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Musical Composition

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Title: Musical Composition
Author: Brindle, Reginald Smith
Price: $89.95

'This is a spendid book, unfailingly well-written, chock full of sound advice and practical help, a highly-concentrated "course" of musical composition which every fledgling (and other, more established figures) would do well to read. . . . No composer can finish this book without emerging a more finished artist than he was when he began it: most enthusiastically recommended.' Music and Musicians

Musical composition is becoming a key discipline in music courses in both schools and universities, and many teachers consider it as important in the development of young musicians as playing and listening to music. Indeed it can be argued that the study of composition is essential to all musicians, be they performers, musicologists, teachers, or critics, because through composition musicians achieve the deepest insight into the elements of music and the imagination of a composer.

Teaching composition, however, is challenging, and there are no instructive books available to guide students and teachers. Professor Smith Brindle's book, designed to meet this need, is for students at all levels and abilities. Musical Composition first takes the student through the basic elements - melody, harmony, counterpoint, and rhythm - before covering a variety of special subjects such as writing vocal and choral music, accompaniments, and film and TV music. Many chapters demonstrate composition with advanced and recent techniques including free diatonicism, bitonality and polytonality, atonality and twelve-note music, and serial ism and indeterminacy. Over 200 music examples illustrate points in the text and there are exercises for each chapter at the end.

1 Composition: key to musicianship
2 First ideas
3 Formal principles
4 Melody
5 Harmony and counterpoint
6 Vocal writing
7 Accompaniments
8 The piece as a whole
9 Choral music
10 Technical expansions: 1 (Free pentatonic music; Free diatonicism; The whole-tone scale; Bitonality and polytonality; Harmony in fourths)
11 Technical expansions: 2 (Towards atonality; Atonality; Free chromaticism or free twelve-note music;
Twelve-note harmony)
12 Serialism
13 Indeterminacy, graph scores, text scores, improvisation
14 Practical applications

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 16/10/1986
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780193171077
Publishing status: Active
Musical Composition