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Basel Mask Workshop DVD

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Title: Basel Mask Workshop DVD
Author: Masks4Schools
Price: $55.00

Introducing the Complete Basel Mask workshop DVD.

This teaching resource provides a detailed presentation on all of the six masks in our Basel range.

The workshop is presented by internationally renowned 'mask maestro' Ross Brown, who has been working 'in masks' for more than 30 years.

Ross is a compelling and consumate mask performer, sliding brilliantly and convincingly between characters. He is filmed presenting the masks to a group of high school students, both theoretically and practically. The students then make their own first attempts at presenting the masked characters.
The format is entertaining and inspiring, and very accessible to all ability levels.

Publisher: Masks4Schools
Format: DVD
ISBN: 0000000000184
Publishing status: AU Print-on-demand
Basel Mask Workshop DVD