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Augusto Boal
Author:Babbage, Frances
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Games for Actors and Non-actors
Author:Boal, Augusto
Stock: 1 $65.99 GST included
Jacques Lecoq
Author:Murray, Simon
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Jerzy Grotowski
Author:Slowiak, James
Stock: 1 $46.99 GST included
Meyerhold - A Revolution in Theatre
Stock: 0 $36.99 GST included
Moving Body (le Corps Poetique) - Teaching Creative Theatre
Stock: 2 $39.99 GST included
Towards a Poor Theatre
Author:Grotowski, Jerzy
Stock: 0 $69.95 GST included
Vsevolod Meyerhold
Author:Pitches, Jonathan
Stock: 0 $46.99 GST included