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Complete Guide to Special Effects Makeup

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Title: Complete Guide to Special Effects Makeup
Author: Tokyo Sfx Makeup Workshop
Price: $35.00

Acclaimed as the best book ever published on the subject, "A Complete Guide to Special Effects Makeup" covers everything from basic facial makeup styles, simple scars and gashes, to masks, molds and cast-making; everything you need to know to create vampires, zombies and other fantastical characters.

With clear step by step instructions and hundreds of color photos, it includes stunning conceptual pieces from many of the contributing artists and a section on manga/cosplay hair and makeup. Bound to thrill anyone interested in creating realistic and unique makeup effects!

The 7 talented artists who have contributed to this book are Akihito, Tomonobu Iwakura, Keizo, Yuga Takahashi, Akiteru Nakada, Manabu Namikawa, and Tomu (Hyakutake). Between them they have worked on scores of TV series and movies, including Japanese productions like Casshern and Ultraman Max, and Hollywood movies including Alien vs Predator and Land of the Dead.

Publisher: Titan Books
Publication date: 27/04/2012
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781781161449
Publishing status: AU Print-on-demand
Complete Guide to Special Effects Makeup