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Hundred Dresses - The Most Iconic Styles of Our Time

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Title: Hundred Dresses - The Most Iconic Styles of Our Time
Author: McKean, Erin
Price: $24.99

From the Sack to the Sari, each dress makes a powerful statement about the woman who wears it. Inspired by the Eleanor Estes' children's classic The Hundred Dresses, Erin McKean's classic-to-be by the same title, with chic illustrations by Donna Mehalko, is a definitive and witty look at what one hundred iconic dress styles, vintage and modern say about their wearers. Each beautifully illustrated entry looks at the history of that particular style, famous wearers (if applicable), possible accessories, where the style could be observed, and what message, subtle or overt, is conveyed by the dress. Featured are The Wench; The Vreeland; The Wrap; The Austen; The Beckham; The Siren (any style, as long as it's red); The Chanel Ingenue; The Caftan; The Guinevere; The Jackie;; The Biohazard (any dress dangerous to bystanders or the wearer: think Lady Gaga); and many more. Part style commentary, part fashion blueprint, part clever field guide, The Hundred Dresses will ensure that no woman (or man) ever underestimates the power of the dress.

“Celebrities, movie stars, literary and historic figures, you and I wear them, wore them, or want them. This wonderfully illustrated book of iconic dresses is told with wit and wisdom ... a joy to look at and to read.” - Ilene Beckerman, author of Love, Loss, and What I Wore,

“This glorious book sews together a story for every style and makes you look at your own wardrobe anew and wonder what adventures you should be having with your own dresses.” - Ruth Singer, author of Sew It Up and The Sewing Bible,

“What a supremely witty, highly informative, and great-looking book this is! It made me want to be a woman.” - Henry Alford, author of “Would It Kill You to Stop Doing That?": A Modern Guide to Manners,

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Publication date: 20/06/2013
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781408190500
Publishing status: To Order
Hundred Dresses - The Most Iconic Styles of Our Time