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Fashioning Film Stars - Dress, Culture, Identity

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Title: Fashioning Film Stars - Dress, Culture, Identity
Author: Moseley, Rachel
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This scholarly and readable volume redresses that balance, offering close analyses of the detail and significance of male and female star style in Hollywood. European, Asian and Latin American contexts. It brings together a range of theoretical and methodological frameworks from textual analysis, archival research and audience study to offer, for the first time, a detailed consideration of the importance of the fashioning of film stars.

Fashioning Film Stars asks: how does dress operate in relation to stardom to articulate particular identities - gendered, national, classed, ethnic, sexual? How, precisely, does film costume operate, and how is it understood, semiotically, socially, culturally? Does star dress 'disappear' against the body as 'clothes', or speak out performatively as 'costume' or 'spectacle'? It answers them in an engaging and accessible volume which will be of interest to film scholars and film fans alike.

Part One: Hollywood
1. Norma Shearer as Marie Antoinette: Which Body Too Much? Jane Marie Gaines and Charlotte. Cornelia Herzog
2. Storytelling: Marlene Dietrich's Face and John Frederic's Hats. Drake Stutesman
3. Gregory Peck: Anti-Fashion Icon. Stella Bruzzi
4. Pillow Talk's Repackaging of Doris Day: 'Under all those dirndls...' .Tamar Jeffers
5. Brad Pitt and George Clooney, the Rough and the Smooth: Male Costuming in Contemporary Hollywood. Pamela Church Gibson
6. Samuel L. Jackson: Beyond the Post-Soul Male. Russell White

Part Two: Asia, Latin America and Europe
7. Sulochana: Clothes, Stardom and Gender in Early Indian Cinema .Kaushik Bhaumik
8. The Hollywood Movie Stars and the Mexican chica moderna. Joanne Hershfield
9. Dress, Class and Audrey Hepburn: The Significance of the Cinderella Story. Rachel Moseley
10. Paris, Hollywood and Kay Kendall.Christine Geraghty
11. Hot Couture: Brigitte Bardot's fashion Revolution. Ginette Vincendeau
12. 'Sean Connery is James Bond': Re-Fashioning British Masculinity in the 1960s. Pam Cook and Claire Hines
13. Luisina Brando's Costuming in Maria Luisa Bernberg's Films: An Excessive Femininity. Denise Miller

Dr Rachel Moseley is lecturer in Film and Television Studies at the University of Warwick, UK. The author of Growing Up with Audrey Hepburn: Text, Audience, Resonance (Manchester University Press, 2001), she has published widely on popular film and television and is currently working on two new volumes. The first is a critical history of television programming for teenagers in Britain, and the second is a study of the television drama of Phil Redmond

Publisher: British Film Institute
Publication date: 01/05/2005
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781844570683
Publishing status: Last copy available
Fashioning Film Stars - Dress, Culture, Identity