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Media Literacy - Thinking Critically About Movies
Stock: 2 $29.95 GST included
Media, Communication, Culture
Author: Lull, James
Stock: 0 $37.95 GST included
Mise-en-Scene (Film Style and Interpretation)
Stock: 0 $39.99 GST included
New Media - Practices of Digitextuality
Author: Caldwell, John
Stock: 0 $52.99 GST included
Only Entertainment
Author: Dyer, Richard
Stock: 1 $54.99 GST included
Performance Studies
Author: Striff, Erin
Stock: 1 $69.95 GST included
Projected Cities - Cinema and Urban Space
Stock: 1 $29.95 GST included
Queering the Shakespeare Film: Gender Trouble, Gay Spectatorship, and Male Homoeroticism
Stock: 0 $130.00 GST included
Reading a Japanese Film - Cinema in Context
Author: McDonald, Keiko I.
Stock: 0 $36.95 GST included
Reluctant Film Art of Woody Allen
Author: Bailey, Peter J.
Stock: 1 $49.95 GST included
Research for Media Production
Author: Chater, Kathy
Stock: 0 $75.99 GST included
Screening World Cinema
Author: Grant, Catherine
Stock: 0 $58.99 GST included