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Media, Communication, Culture

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Title: Media, Communication, Culture
Author: Lull, James
Price: $37.95

Media, Communication, Culture offers a bold and comprehensive analysis of developments in the field amidst the effects of postmodernism and globalization. James Lull, one of the leading scholars in the discipline, draws from a wide range of social and cultural theory, including the work of John B. Thompson, Thomas Sowell, Nestor Garcia Canclini, Anthony Giddens and Samuel P. Huntington, to formulate a well balanced and highly original account of key contemporary developments worldwide. The first edition of Media, Communication, Culture became a well established introductory text. For this new edition coverage has been expanded from six to ten chapters, and has been thoroughly updated to include all new developments in the field. In his familiar and accessible style, Lull brings to life a diverse range of examples and mini case studies which will prove invaluable to the reader. These range from the hip--hop hybrids of New Zealanda s Maori youth and the vastly divergent meaning of race and culture in Brazil and the United States to the global impact of McDonalds and Microsoft. Complex theoretical ideas such as globalization, symbolic power, popular culture, ideology, consciousness, hegemony, social rules, media audience, cultural territory, and superculture are explained in a clear and engaging way that challenges traditional understandings. By connecting major streams of theory to the latest trends in the global cultural mix, the book provides a fresh and unsurpassed introduction to media, communication and cultural studies. It will prove essential reading for undergraduates and above in the fields of media studies, communication studies, cultural studies and the sociology of culture.

From reviews of the first edition:
"A comprehensive and fair - minded overview of the key media theoreticians, past and present ... an admirably scrupulous textbook." - Times Literary Supplement

"An entertaining and useful book ... a delight to read. Abstruse theoretical concepts are presented in a readable and engaging manner, perfectly suited for the student. Lull often braces his assertions with examples drawn from the recent popular culture, which undergraduates will enjoy. The text is amplified by a useful glossary and reference section, as well as interesting graphics ... Lulla s work is certainly recommended." - MultiCultural Review

"A most readable book on theory with examples to help explain concepts like hegemony and post - modernism ... a good introduction to media, communication, and culture for graduate or upper-level students in communication." - Journalism and Mass Communication Educator

"A useful glossary of common terms in media and cultural studies. Lull brings his extensive experience in teaching and cross-cultural audience research to good use, and there is an impressive breadth of theoretical reference ... good, student-friendly text." - Media International Australia

"This book needs to be taken seriously - what the author says is actually quite frightening and offers a glimpse into the real world of global media domination. A valuable addition to the study of media that will have people thinking." - The Lecturer

1. Ideology, Consciousness, Hegemony.
2. Social Rules and Power.
3. Culture and Cultural Power.
4. The Active Audience.
5. Meaning in Motion.
6. Itineraries of the Everyday.

James Lull is Professor of Communication Studies at San Jose State University, California, and Adjunct Professor in the Culture Program, University of Colima, Mexico. He is the author of many previous books including Popular Music and Communication (Sage, 1992), China Turned On: Television, Reform and Resistance (Routledge, 1991) and Inside Family Viewing: Ethnographic Research on Televisiona s Audiences (Routledge, 1990).

Publication date: 22/04/2000
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780745621913
Publishing status: To Order
Media, Communication, Culture