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Major Film Theories (An Introduction)

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Title: Major Film Theories (An Introduction)
Author: Andrew, J.Dudley
Price: $23.95

Both a history of film theory and an introduction to the work of the most important writers in the field, Andrew's volume reveals the bases of thought of such major theorists as Munsterberg, Arnheim, Eisenstein, Balazs, Kracauer, Bazin, Mitry, and Metz.

Dudley Andrew is a master at making the world of film theory accessible to a largely mystified public. Since the publication of his Major Film Theories, a classic in the field, the sophistication of the debate concerning the proper approach to film has grown. It is now the province of critics and universities instead of directors and artists, and this book concentrates on the main areas of the debate rather than on the individual figures. Andrew provides lucid explanations of theories which involve perceptual psychology and structuralism; semiotics and psychoanalysis; hermeneutics and genre study. Throughout he presents his own strong views on the relationship of film theory to criticism, history, and analysis. His clear approach to often obscure theories goes a long way towards bringing an important area of cultural discussion out of its academic exile.

"This history of film theory will enrich our discipline and remain an important source of both information and understanding for some time to come." - Quarterly Review of Film Studies

"Andrew's the first in English to cover a relatively broad range of figures." - Sight and Sound

"Sure to whet one's appetite for the contemporary French film theory of Mitry, Metz, Ayfre and Agel." - Film Criticism

"The book is excellent." - Ivan Pedro Murily, Southern Illinois University

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 19/08/1976
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780195019919
Publishing status: Active
Major Film Theories (An Introduction)