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Screening World Cinema

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Title: Screening World Cinema
Author: Grant, Catherine
Price: $58.99

Screening World Cinema brings together a selection of the best articles on the topic of world cinema published in the esteemed Screen journal.

Available in one volume for the first time, this collection allows readers to cross-reference debates and essays that have ranged across many issues of Screen. Themes addressed include:

* the problem of defining ‘world cinema’
* the relationship between ‘first’ and ‘third’ cinema and criticism
* issues of modernity and modernization
* questions of national and transnational cinema.

With a selection of articles on key contemporary 'world' cinemas – New Iranian, Latin American and Chinese as well, this will be a must-read for all students of world cinema.

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1. Screening World Cinema

Part 1: Views from Here and There
2. Marginal Cinemas and Mainstream Critical Theory: The Relationships between "Third World" Cinema and "First World" Criticism
3. Colonialism and "Law and Order" Criticism

Part 2: Modernity and Modernization
4. A Screen of One's Own: Early Cinema in Quebec and the Public Sphere 1906-28
5. If Looks Could Kill: Image Wars in Maria Candelaria
6. Pictures of the Past in the Present: Modernity, Femininity and Stardom in the Postwar Films of Ozu Yasujiro

Part 3: Melodrama as a National and Transnational Mode
7. The Melodramatic Mode and the Commercial Hindi Cinema: Notes on Film History, Narrative and Performance in the 1950s
8. Avenging Women in Indian Cinema
9. Narratives of Resistance: National Identity and Ambivalence in the Turkish Melodrama between 1965 and 1975

Part 4: Contemporary World Cinema and Critical Theory
10. The Open Image: Poetic Realism and the New Iranian Cinema
11. Signs of Angst and Hope: History and Melodrama in Chinese Fifth-Generation Cinema
12. Affecting Legacies: Historical Memory and Contemporary Structures of Feeling in Madagascar and Amores Perros


Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Publication date: 12/04/2006
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780415384292
Publishing status: AU Print-on-demand
Screening World Cinema