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Barry McKenzie Movies

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Title: Barry McKenzie Movies
Author: Moore, Tony
Price: $16.99

Based on Barry Humphries' comic-strip character, which appeared in the British satirical magazine Private Eye in the 1960s, the screenplay for The Adventures of Barry McKenzie was written by Humphries and Beresford, the story line deriving from the culture clash between the Australian innocent Bazza McKenzie and the English from a taxi driver who takes Barry from Heathrow to Earls Court by way of Stonehenge, to the decadent upper classes with their public school fetishes, the swinging scene of pop music promoters and Jesus freaks, and eventually the hallowed halls of BBC television.

Publisher: Currency Press Pty Ltd
Publication date: 01/11/2005
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780868197487
Publishing status: Last copy available
Barry McKenzie Movies