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Aesthetics and Design for Game-Based Learning

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Title: Aesthetics and Design for Game-Based Learning
Author: Dickey, Michele D.
Price: $84.99

Aesthetics and Design for Game-based Learning provides learning designers with insight into how the different elements that comprise game aesthetics can inform the design of game-based learning. Regardless of the cognitive complexities involved, games are essentially entertainment media, and aesthetics play a large role in how they are experienced. Yet too often the role of aesthetics in the research about game-based learning has been relegated to a surface discussion of graphics or neglected altogether.

Aesthetics and Design for Game-based Learning begins by addressing the broad context of game aesthetics, then addresses specific elements with chapters focusing on:
* player positioning
* game mechanics
* narrative design
* environment design
* character design.

Each chapter includes research and guidelines for design, and a conclusion addresses aesthetics in the research of game-based learning.

Series Editor Introduction
Chapter 1: Aesthetics, Experiences and Games
Chapter 2: Aesthetics and Game Genres
Chapter 3: Aesthetics and Player Perspective
Chapter 4: Aesthetics and Narrative Design
Chapter 5: Aesthetics and Character Design
Chapter 6: Aesthetics and Environment Design
Chapter 7: Aesthetics and Game Mechanics
Chapter 8: Aesthetics, Inquiry and Research

Michele D. Dickey is a Professor of Instructional Design and Technology at Miami University of Ohio, USA. She is currently Program Coordinator for the graduate programs in Educational Technology and Instructional Design and Technology. In addition to research, she has also authored the 3D immersive game-based environment Murder on Grimm Isle.

"This book is about a vital but neglected aspect of game-based learning: emotionally imbuing participants with motivation and meaning through aesthetic experiences. Like the vision of games it espouses, Dickey weaves a seamless, elegant, and complete exposition of design principles for aesthetic learning." - Chris Dede, Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies, Harvard University, USA

"A useful, in-depth examination of how aesthetics contribute to the growing complexity of gaming, filling another niche in the rapidly developing world of gaming scholarship. Michele Dickey examines how aesthetics are used in a number of different ways and via differing critical lenses in order to give a comprehensive, well-informed picture of how they inform game-based design and learning. By studying the ways that aesthetics function within different game genres, as well as providing useful directions to using aesthetics within educational game design, this book provides an informative, solid guide to critical and practical applications of aesthetics in gaming." - Esther MacCallum-Stewart, Digital Cultures Research Centre, University of West England, UK

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Publication date: 09/03/2015
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780415720960
Publishing status: Print On Demand (web)
Aesthetics and Design for Game-Based Learning