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Pink Twins

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Title: Pink Twins
Author: Rider, Sue
Price: $20.35

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The Pink Twins is an eclectic contemporary play which draws on the rose-coloured lives and work of Brisbane's O'Brien sisters to explore eccentricity, the bond between twins and belief in the power of love to transform lives.

Identical twins Dorothy and Moyia dress in pink, drive a pink car, live in a pink house and fight for thirtry years to maintain The Sunshine Welfare and Remedial Association for people with disabilities. When Dorothy has a stroke and dies, Moyia alone for the first time in eighty years, has to come to terms with living without her sister. Distortions of memory and moments of fantasy take her back through her life on a journey of questioning ('Am I still a twin? 'Why pink?) and she learns that the philosophy of resilience and thinking 'outside the square', which she has always given to others, must also apply to herself.

'The Pink Twins' play text is also a companion resource to the secondary Drama educational unit 'Outside the Square' by Melissa Newton-Turner which is also available on the Book Nook website.

Publisher: Self Made Hero
Publication date: 01/01/2011
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780987212108
Publishing status: Last copy available
Pink Twins